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Ebay Scams [May. 25th, 2016|08:24 am]
I think Ebay is coming to a close as we know it. It seems to have been turned over to the Scammers. I had stopped selling for two months after being scammed by buyers claiming the item didn't work. I know it worked, and had tested it before I sent it. Ebay always finds in favor of their buyers, and automatically pulls the money out of the sellers account, along with the shipping charge and return shipping, and sends it back to the buyer.

Even though I requested the item be returned, Ebay let him keep it and the $250 he paid.

I started selling a couple of weeks ago, and immediately started getting the familiar "it don't work" complaints again. She said a magnet didn't work. WHAT!! The magnet worked fine, and I even had a photo of it working in the item description. It was a magnet tool used in taking the sensors off the anti theft devices at stores. It also came with 500 sensors, for $70. Ebay has taken my money and will probably give it back to her. That was two days ago.

Today I just got another complaint that it "doesn't work" on a CO2 generator that I sold for $200. It will cost around $100 in shipping to get it back. I again requested it be returned, but Ebay may just let him keep it and his money. It was in perfect condition when I sent it.

I have several friends that have had similar problems with ebay. One lost $14k when Ebay let the buyer keep the item, and refunded his money. That one is going to court. I wish there was a class action suit we could get against ebay. I have now lost about $1000 to this scam in the last 8 months. That takes all the profit out of selling there. I'm going to try Amazon, and see if they are any better.