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Deadbeat Renters [Jan. 21st, 2016|08:50 pm]
I have a guest house behind my house that I rent out to help pay the utilities and taxes on the house. I have been doing it for many years without much trouble. I usually get someone that is recommended by someone I know. The person living there now was recommended by the last renter that moved out.

This tenant was paying his rent good for about a year, but about 6 months ago he stopped paying for one month. On the second month, I told him to pay or get out. He started paying small payments, which was ok with me. Then he stopped again for a month. I told him to pay or get out. He owed for 3 months then. He didn't pay until I gave him an eviction notice at the end of December. Then he paid one month.

I told him to get out and get a job, or get out and get another apartment. He came back and told me he found a job an hour later. He lied. I gave him another 5 day eviction notice last week. He just pulled it off his door, and went back inside, and won't come out until I'm gone during the day.

I had to hire a lawyer to give him a legal eviction notice today. That was another $700, on top of the over $2000 that he owes me. It will be almost $4000 by the time I get him out. He still gets to stay here another 60 days. It will be hard to see him walking around my property, knowing that I am supporting his worthless ass. It will give me a little pleasure knowing that he will be on the county eviction list, and it will be harder for him to rent an apartment. Also, since I know that he will not pay what he owes, that will go on his credit record, and he will have a tough time getting loans, credit or credit cards.

It still doesn't help me pay the utility bills, and the $2500 property tax bill I just got. California laws are all about the renter, not the landlord. In some states it only takes 2 weeks to get a deadbeat renter out.