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Wow, 2017 is here already. I've been doing the same thing, buying… - A New Friendlier Place [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 30th, 2016|09:10 am]
Wow, 2017 is here already. I've been doing the same thing, buying storage units. Got a nice one with a lot of tools that should make some money. Couple of days ago I bought a room full of boxes. Most of the boxes were just full of obsolete parts for some machines...scrap metal. I usually put out piles of metal at the curb on trash pick up day and let the scrappers get it. I think someone in the area is alerting them when it is there because it doesn't sit very long before it disappears. I had to dump all the cardboard boxes off at the recycler yard. That room was almost a total loss. There were some pumps and compressors that were new in some of the boxes, that might get my money back. </p>

I tried to get someone to pick up cardboard boxes from these units, but the cardboard recyclers are not very dependable. I had two rooms full of cardboard boxes one time, and stopped several trucks that were scavaging cardboard, to get them to pick it up. They all seemed to not be interested, so I did it myself. It was from the Tecate Beer company, and was full of their advertising material on around 20 pallets. Inside some of the boxes were soccer balls and tee shirts with Tecate emblems on them. I only wanted the balls and tee shirts, but had to deal with the cardboard boxes and cut-outs also. I got $250 for the cardboard at the recycling company, for one days work, plus about $1000 for the shirts and balls at the swap meet. I only paid $10 for the rooms.

Time to clean out the microwave again. It's easier to take it outside and hose it off, but it takes two days to dry out in the winter before I can use it again. My refrigerator died a few months ago, and I have been using a small apartment size one. I got another big one, but have to clear a bunch of stuff out of the way to get it into the house. It won't fit into the side door, and has to come up some steps to the other door. I took the doors off the old one, so it fit through the smaller door when I dumped it, but I don't want to have to do that to one that works.