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Lake Powell [Oct. 10th, 2016|11:18 am]
Last week I took my boat to Lake Powell. The first two days was great. Then I moved to another cove that was wide open to the main channel. I anchored on a small sandbar at the mouth of the bay. It was a little breezy that morning, but I took the Kayak out for a few hours going up into the small channels at the back of the bay.

When I got back around 3 pm the wind was starting to blow a little more. By 5 pm the wind was going about 30 mph. It was kind of late to pull up anchor and go somewhere else, and the wind where I usually go boating mostly dies off at night. I piled some more rocks on my front anchor to keep it in place.

By 10 pm the wind was howling 30-40 mph. I wanted to take the bimini top down, but was afraid it would carry away or get damaged in the process, so I tied some rope onto it to help hold it down. I went onto the sandbar and piled every rock I could find on my anchor. The anchor had started to drag through the sand about 6 inches.

All night long the wind got worse, and huge gusts kept blowing the boat around. Around 2 am there were several monster gusts bouncing the boat around. When I looked out the hatch the wind was blowing around 50+ mph with gusts of 70-80 mph. As I came out, I noticed the Avon inflatable boat that was tied to the side cleat was flying up above the boat like a balloon on a string. That thing weighs over 100 lbs.

At that point there was nothing I could do but go back below and wait it out. When it got light again, I went up to find the inflatable upside down, still tied on, but missing one of the wood floor sections. The anchor had held good. I was lucky that I was pointed head on to that wind.

As soon as I could, I got out of there, and went to a calmer bay. It was still too windy to use the kayak, so I waited until the next day to use the kayak to go looking for my wood floor section. I went in every little hole and channel for a couple of miles. I even hiked up another mile on land after the water ended. I found some small pieces of it, but never saw anything else. It must have splintered to pieces in that wind hitting rocks.

I did manage to find a large anchor about half a mile past where I was hiking up the channel. It had been there for a few years since the water level was 100' higher.

The next few days was great weather. The trip there and back was easy going out route 15. Every time I get home, I have a list of things I have to fix on the boat. Most are just minor things or changes. I have to get a smaller inflatable dinghy to use with this boat. The Avon that I have now is too big and heavy for this boat. It was great when I had a bigger boat, but is too big to get around this boat.

I also have a hard bottom Zodiac inflatable, but that one does not roll up small enough to carry either.