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Deadbeat Renter [Feb. 14th, 2016|03:30 pm]
The guy that rented my guest house is being a real jerk. He was several months behind, when I asked him to move out. He has been avoiding me, but refuses to pay, and won't move out.

He was moving some stuff into his car when I walked by, and asked him if he was moving out. He said yes, and when I asked when that would be, he really snotty said he didn't have to talk to me.

I told him that was true, but he would have to talk to my lawyer. He ignored me and walked away.

I went back into my house, after noticing through his open door, that he was trashing my guest house. There was about a foot of trash all over the floor everywhere. It was hard to just see someone wreck my house without doing something to him. He was just trying to provoke me.

About 10 minutes later a knock on my door. It was the girls from my lawyer there to serve him with eviction papers. He had been avoiding them, only coming around here at nights and weekends. They got him. finally after a month, the end is in sight.

Maybe that will make him move faster. He has been taking one or two boxes or bags at a time in his "move", and it has lasted for over a month.

I would have been glad to just get rid of him, but his attitude that he can stay as long as he wants without paying rent or utilities, has made me think vicious thoughts. I will need to find out where he moves to, so I can file in small claims court against him to get some of the close to $4000 he owes me.