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Hobie Cat [Oct. 16th, 2015|08:30 pm]
Last month at a Storage Auction, they were trying to sell a 16' Hobie Cat Sailboat. Nobody wanted it. I didn't want it. They knew I liked boats, and tried to talk me into buying it for a dollar. I still said no.

This month at the auction, the district manager asked me to take it again. He wanted it out of there. I told him I would take it and try to do something with it. I fixed the tires and took it home. It's on my front lawn. It looks like it's all there, but needs a new trampoline part where you sit. The old one has been sitting in the sun and is shreaded.

I put it on craigslist. If it doesn't sell pretty quickly I will cut it up and sell the parts. The sails and boom are sellable on ebay, and maybe the mast. The pontoons would make good outriggers for a dragon boat. The trailer is scrap metal.